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Banno Business is built for users who require tools and solutions for issues your other users don't encounter. Whether such users are looking to manage accounts at a high level or utilize some of Jack Henry's best-in-breed business integrations, Banno Business lets them conveniently handle their organization's finances from your app. Our business features currently center on these crucial areas:
Efficiently pay businesses and individuals by using ACH transfers.
Create, manage, and initiate wire transfers so that recipients quickly and securely receive their funds.

How does Banno Business work?

Banno utilizes its status as a robust integrations platform to provide business functionality both natively (i.e., in app) and through optional SSOs.

Banno Business FAQ

How does my institution create a new business organization?
Create the new organization and organization users in NetTeller. Then you’ll need to contact Banno Support so that we complete the process. Once the process is finished, organization Admins can invite organization users to complete their account and log into Banno.

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