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Using Banno Business has a different set of security needs than what end users might be used to in their standard mobile and online apps. This FAQ covers some of the special cases that come up when Business users are using Business functionality.

What is the difference between Passkey and FIDO key?
The Passkey replaces the user’s password, and the FIDO token is a 2FA method.
Can we use a token instead of a password?
For security purposes, this is not allowed.
Are high risk actions configurable?
No, they are not. Banno product takes a secure by default approach and has preset risk points. Users are always challenged at these points.
Can our users utilize a Wire Pin?
They cannot. Wire pins have been replaced by high risk authentication due to modern security needs.
Can the passkey process create disruption for clients using the dashboard card framework?
No, the dashboard card framework is unaffected by this process. However, passkey and FIDO will disrupt aggregators.
What does an authentication key cost?
There is no fee or service charge associated with the Banno platform, but there is a cost to purchase from vendors. This key is not specific to your bank and can be used across applications.
Currently, we are charged a fee per token per month. How will this work with FIDO tokens?
You’re not charged a fee for FIDO tokens. We don’t believe in charging more for more security unless we absolutely have to.
If we manage multiple municipalities and currently have multiple physical tokens, will we need to have multiple FIDO tokens?
No, FIDO supports many users on a single token.
Can keys be used across multiple device types (Android vs iOS, etc)?
Yes, they can.
Does the FIDO key have to stay for the entirety of the session?
No, it does not, so long as you check the “remember my device” setting. They protect the device on initial login. If you’re using the FIDO key as a passkey, however, it would need to stay.
Where do I register my passkey?
There is a toggle in the Security submenu of the Settings section.