When your end users think about their financial institution, they think about their accounts. Whether it’s deposits, loans, business accounts, or anything in between, accounts are the foundational building block of a user’s relationship with their finances. That’s why Banno Apps are built with accounts in mind. From having quick access to balances to seeing their entire financial history, we make it easy for end users to see what they want, where they want it, whenever they need it.

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Each account is associated with some number of transactions, but the interactions can be pretty complex. For more information, check out our transactions guide.


Can an end user hide an account from their Accounts list?
Yes, to hide an account and its activity from display, the end user can select Settings for the desired account and toggle Display in online and mobile banking.
How does an end user re-display an account once it’s hidden?
Select user profile menu Settings Select institution Select account Toggle Display in online and mobile banking.
How do Banno Apps handle users with many accounts?
Banno has special functionality for users with over 20 visible accounts. For more information, see our transactions guide.