People are the cornerstone of your FI. Your greatest strength is the ability to connect, person-to-person, with your users. In the digital space, this gets harder… but it’s not impossible. We can prove it. With Banno People, we give your team a complete view of your users, allowing anyone to jump in with deep, personal knowledge and keep that connection strong.

How does it work?

People is the front desk of your digital branch. You can view a user’s full profile, look at their accounts, share their transactions, manage their permissions, and even communicate directly with them over secure channels. Banno People gives you a lot of information in a clean, easy-to-understand package.

Beta testing Banno Business?

During beta, you’ll find our rapidly expanding set of Banno Business™ docs available under Mobile & Online. This includes the latest documentation for business functionality in Banno People.

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Why do I sometimes have to reauthenticate?
For your security, you will be asked to reauthenticate every 8 hours and after periods of inactivity. For more info, see session timeouts.
How many times can a user attempt to log in to Banno People before they are locked out?
A user can attempt to log in five times with incorrect credentials before the account is locked.