Banno Marketing

Banno’s marketing functionality allows you to create and manage ad campaigns across multiple channels. With an easy-to-use editor and in-depth views into how your campaigns are doing, Banno makes it simple to show the ads you want to the customers you want. After all, if you have the data, shouldn’t it be easy to use it?

What can I do with Banno Marketing?

Banno Marketing can create ad campaigns served in two channels: from your website and within Banno Apps. Marketing can be accessed by users with the correct permissions via the main menu in Banno People.

Marketing has four main screens available from the top menu:

The Dashboard provides an overview of metrics for all campaigns based on a provided date range. Options are available to view website statistics separate from digital banking.
Campaigns shows all active campaigns, as well as recently ended campaigns that concluded within the last month or so. From this screen you can view and edit details about campaigns, including creating ads, setting audiences, setting active dates, deleting, or pausing campaigns.
The Audience allows you to set and view audience segments and allows you to export reports about specific campaigns.
The Settings menu contains various campaign tracking settings and a collection of helpful tips for using the Marketing app.

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Why do I sometimes have to reauthenticate?
For your security, you will be asked to reauthenticate every 8 hours and after periods of inactivity. For more info, see session timeouts.
How does Banno Marketing choose what ads to display?
  • For Banno Content - Ads are displayed based on a weight relative to the pages a user has viewed on the web site. The least viewed campaign with the highest rank will be displayed. These rankings are based on keyword/related pages selected for a campaign.
  • For Banno Apps - Banno Marketing assembles a pool of all possible ads for a user based on the segments a user has been placed within. Ads from that list are displayed based on maintaining an even distribution of ad placement. Users will see the ad they have least recently viewed next.
Where are the defined ad spaces located and can we choose to move them?
  • For Banno Content - As a part of your marketing website implementation, you will work with your Project Coordinator and dedicated designer to identify all of the marketing areas for your website. That will include areas that you may choose to leave for static content placement and others that you will choose to be designated as areas to reposition content served by Banno Marketing.
  • For Banno Apps - Ads are repositioned in the second dashboard card location in the right column of a two column view, and in the third spot in a single column view.
Do Banno Marketing ads reposition for both Banno Mobile & Banno Online?
Today, Banno Marketing ads only reposition within Banno Online. Repositioning ads in Banno Mobile is planned for a future release, and see our public roadmap for current estimates.

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