Informed decisions are the best decisions. Reports are your home base to learn how your end users are using your apps, how they’re moving their money, and more. Reports are secure, robust, and granular enough to give you the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your customers.

What can I do with Banno Reports?

Reports offers visually concise snapshots that answer crucial questions such as, “How and when end are users engaging with our mobile or online app?” This deep data on end user behavior offers insight on key performance indicators, marketing campaigns, understanding to make the soundest decisions for your institution, and more.

Exported reports can also be generated based on number of criteria, giving you details on not just about how end users are interacting with your apps, but how they’re interacting with their money, fraudulent behaviors, and employee permissions. Banno keeps track of everything it can and provides you with the tools you need to access all of it.

Screens in Reports may vary based on your institution’s configuration.

Your digital app represents your physical institution, and you need to know when users are stopping by. They say engagement is everything, and we provide you with metrics that can transform into actionable business insights.
Move Money
Move Money is loaded with valuable metrics displaying end users’ bill payments, remote transfers, and remote deposit captures. View where funds go and how much, which end users utilize these features, and so much more.
Support captures how often end users reach out for assistance through Conversations and even provides you with access to your support team’s analytics and behaviors.
Exports is your one stop for downloading various reports related to data displayed throughout Reports, as well as fraudulent behavior and employee permissions.

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Why do I sometimes have to reauthenticate?
For your security, you will be asked to reauthenticate every 8 hours and after periods of inactivity. For more info, see session timeouts.