Authentication & security

Our devices are with us wherever we go. Whether we’re at home, at work, or on the go, we expect access to everything we need at all times—and our finances are no exception. But having everything at your fingertips means it’s that much closer to potential cyber criminals. That’s why our developers work tirelessly to enforce the strictest security standards for Banno Apps. Whether it’s secure authentication or end-to-end encryption, Banno Apps make sure your customers are always secure, no matter where they’re taking their finances today.

How does Banno stay secure?

When it comes to security, knowledge is power. That’s why our dedicated Security team reviews security breaches for the biggest tech companies in the world, utilizes the most up-to-date security standards, and undergoes rigorous security reviews and testing to ensure Banno Apps are as secure as possible. Need more specifics? We’ve got you covered.

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Which security exams does Banno undergo?
In addition to the FFIEC security exams and SOC2 audits you’d expect from your fintech provider, Banno adheres to a host of rigorous exams and security practices every day. A full list of security and compliance measures can be found in our Due Diligence packet.
Can users sign out of Banno apps?
It’s typically unnecessary to sign out of Banno Mobile or Banno Online if the user has signed in on their own devices due to the enforcement of 4-digit pin and biometrics on Mobile and a session timeout in Banno Online.

To sign out of Banno Mobile, the user must be connected to the internet. This is crucial so that we can clear device and push notification information from the Banno service. If there is a network error, the user will be shown a message to retry signing out.