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Every time a user signs in to Banno Mobile and Banno Online, information about the device they’re using is passed along. Users can see the computers, phones, and other devices that are currently using or have recently accessed Banno. This can be used to make sure than no one else has signed in to an account.

Managing devices

  • Settings
  • Security
  • Recently used devices

Users can review the list of devices that have been used to access their accounts by signing in and navigating to Recently used devices.

Devices that are phones and tablets are listed by the brand name, version of the operating system, and the version of the app installed on that device.

Browsers that have been used to access a user’s accounts are shown by the brand name and version of the browser along with the operating system name and version.

Removing devices

If a user no longer has access to a device that was previously used, they can remove that device’s access. This will invalidate the token on that device. On mobile phones and tablets this will force a signout and a deletion of locally stored data. In browsers, the existing session will be terminated.

If a Banno Online user has opted out of a two-factor authentication prompt on every subsequent sign in using the same browser, removing that device will result in the user being prompted to complete the two-factor authentication challenge should they use that browser again in the future.

Due to the ever-increasing threat of account takeover, device removal was made a high-risk action in June of 2024. This is primarily to help prevent fraudsters from removing the devices of legitimate users after gaining access to their credentials. Banno Online began enforcing this in early June, and Banno Mobile started enforcing it in version 3.14.