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Your end users want to know where their money is going. It’s common sense, and Banno’s robust transaction features help ensure those end users have the best view possible. Whether they’re looking for a specific transaction or trying to remember why they spent four hundred dollars on shoes last month, Banno apps will be their best ally in keeping a grip on their finances.

How many transactions does Banno pull for an account?

Banno Apps pull 500 transactions at a time per account. Mobile caches the transactions the transactions retrieved the last time the end user used the app, allowing for quicker access to transactions as far back as the end user has used Banno Apps.

Users with many accounts

Banno Apps handle exactly how you’d expect, provided an end user has 20 or fewer accounts, including access to a transactions card showing all transactions for all accounts. Once an end user has 21 or more accounts, viewing all transactions for all accounts is disabled to ensure the speed and stability of the app. End users must view transactions for each account individually, and transaction search must be performed on a single account at a time.

Note that this limitation only affects visible accounts—that is, those accounts that have the Account Setting Show balance and activity (Mobile) or Display activity and transactions (Online/People) enabled. Hidden accounts do not apply toward the 20 account threshold, and hiding accounts can bring an end user back below this threshold.


Why does search exclude some transactions for some users?
Since Banno Apps only displays 500 transactions a time, end users with higher transaction volumes may need to click Search further back (Online) or See more (Mobile) to see all transactions associated with a given date. There are plans to continue improving search functionality for users with many accounts or transactions. For more information, see our public roadmap.