The Dashboard screen gives you an overview of your current ads and campaigns for a holistic look at your current marketing efforts.

The main card of the dashboard screen graphs three statistics:

The number of times ads have been served to a user.
The number of times ads have been clicked by users.
Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
The percentage of ads served that users click.

With the default view of all campaigns, you have a number of controls over the information shown. You can choose the time range shown, including custom time ranges. Selecting a new date range will provide the previously selected numbers under the numbers for the new range, allowing for easy comparison of different time frames. If you have both website and digital banking campaigns, you can choose to show only one type of campaign. Hovering over a spot on the graph will provide you the specific numbers for that time.

The second card on the dashboard gives an at-a-glance view of how your campaigns are performing, showing your best and worst campaigns for both websites and digital banking, based on CTR.