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Segments allow you to serve ads in your campaign to specific end users within Banno Online. The Segments screen lets you manage user segments by giving you the ability to create, search, view, and attach them to your digital banking campaigns. Click Create a segment to create a new segment, or use Search for segments to find an existing segment in the list.

Click next to a segment for its View and Add users options to appear.

Importing a segment into a digital banking campaign

Attaching segments to campaigns is optional. If no segment is included, ads in the campaign are served to all end users inside Banno Online. If a segment is attached to a campaign, ads within that campaign are served only to end users in that segment.

  1. Select Campaigns in the Marketing navigation.
  2. Select Digital banking.
  3. Select an existing campaign by selecting the campaign name.
  4. In the Audience segment section within your campaign, click Create a segment or to create a segment from a CSV file. If there’s an existing segment you’d like to use, select Or select an existing segment to choose a segment from the Select a segment screen.
  5. Upload a CSV file including a list of end users you’d like to target with this campaign.
    1. Select Download CSV template and follow the template’s format for best results.
    2. Include the following information for each user in the segment.
      • ID (NetTeller ID/Username/Member number)
      • Full name
      • Email address
    3. Once the user segment list is saved, drag and drop the CSV file or browse files to import the list into Banno Marketing.
    4. Select or clear My CSV includes a header row, depending on the contents of your uploaded file.
    5. In How should we identify your users?, indicate the criteria used for the ID field in your CSV file so Banno Marketing can properly identify the Banno Online user (NetTeller ID, username, or member number).
    6. Select Continue.
  6. Determine if end users were found and follow the corresponding steps.
    • No valid end users were found.
      1. Select Back to import a new list or select Cancel.
    • Valid end users were found and imported.
      1. Name the segment you’ve uploaded.
      2. Select Import to import the list and return to the Campaigns detail screen where you can see the uploaded segment in the Audience segment section.

Reviewing segment performance

Understand how end users view and interact with the ads in the segment attached to your campaign.

  1. Select Campaigns in the Marketing navigation.
  2. Select Digital banking.
  3. Select an existing campaign by selecting the campaign name.
    • Tip: Use the Search box to find a campaign using text from the campaign’s name, keywords, or description.
  4. Select the segment name within the Audience segment section, then select View to find information about segment end users’ interactions with the campaign.

You can see the percentage of the segment who has seen and/or clicked the ads, as well as which individual end users have seen and are interacting with ads in the campaign. This helps you gain understanding of how the campaign is performing and which end users are showing interest.

In the user list, click and select View profile for any user in the segment. This takes you to the user’s Banno People profile.