Deploying Banno apps

We make sure that distributing new versions of your app is as easy as possible. For the most part, there won’t be a lot to do on your end when it’s time to send your customers the newest and coolest features available! But sometimes, new requirements come in from Google Play or the Apple App Store that require some additional configuration on your end. When those times come, we make sure to give you the full rundown on what you need to do. We’ll send you anything you need to do directly through a monthly update, but in case you lost your email, we’ve got those updates covered below.

Deployment setup details were last updated in July of 2021, including instructions for quicker deployments for Android and iOS.

Certificate renewal

If there are any issues with the renewal process, an engineer will contact your institution. For Online certificate renewal questions, you can email


Our engineers take the certificate renewal process off your plate by automatically handling it. They have all required renewal dates on their calendar and it requires no action from your institution.

Engineers begin the renewal process two to four weeks out and install certificates about a week before expiration. As we order and install a certificate for Banno Online or CMS, your institution receives emails sent to the same address we used for validation when initially setting up your institution’s certificates (ex.,, etc). If you receive a validation email that sends at the same time we order a certificate, you can validate it or wait for us to validate the certificate on our end. After it’s validated, you will receive an email with the certificate.


Overall tasks your institution manages include:

  • Accepting your Apple agreements.
  • Having a valid Apple developer membership.
  • Delegating the correct permissions to Banno.

Update app descriptions


At any time, update the the Android description in the Play Store. The short description has an 80 character limit, and the long description has a 4,000 character limit.


Update the iOS description by opening a support case and letting us know exactly what you want in the description. We’ll update the description so that it displays in the next release. There’s a 4,000 character limit, and the first 170 characters display as the short description.


How often are new app versions deployed?
New app versions deploy once each month, but there’s no deployment in January.
How are institutions informed of app deployments?
Prior to uploading new app versions to the iOS and Android app stores, we publish release notes on ForClients.
Do institutions have the opportunity to test apps prior to deployment?
No, we automatically publish new app versions to live institutions.

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