Within Users & Groups, the Groups screen houses all groups your team has created for managing permissions. Enabling or disabling permissions is handled exclusively through group membership. When your institution first logs into Banno Settings, only one group will exist with all permissions enabled. Members of that group will be able to fill out the rest of the groups your team needs. While you are free to utilize settings however works best for your team, we do have a few best practices to help you get started.

Creating a new group

The Create a group button allows you to create a new group. You’ll enter a group name and description, an optional group that this group reports to, and the ability to require Two-factor authentication for all members of that group. When creating a group, you’ll also select an enforcement date by which all users must have two-factor authentication enabled to continue having access to

You may also select a collection of permissions for this group, as outlined in the Settings permissions doc.

Two-factor authentication

Enabling Two-factor authentication—or not—for a group serves two purposes. First, it’s a security measure that verifies team members by having them complete 2FA when they log in to Banno Enterprise. An enterprise user should only have to authenticate on their first login, but if they clear their device storage or switch web browsers, they’ll re-authenticate when logging in. Second, Two-factor authentication controls 2FA and other high-security changes that verified enterprise users can make in People. For groups with Two-factor authentication disabled, security settings will be read-only and unable to change regardless of an enterprise user’s permissions.

Editing a group

Clicking an existing group will give you access to the options available in the Create a group section. In addition, you will be able to view all members of this group through this screen. Changes to group settings will not take effect until the Save button is clicked.

From this screen you may also delete the group by selecting the delete icon.