There are several features on the Settings tab that allow your institution to configure information.

Support Hours

  • Settings
  • Support hours

Under Hours, your institution can determine the hours of operation each day in 30-minute increments, as well as select when closed. Under Reply times, your institution can create text for reply times during support hours, as well as after hours. There is placeholder text initially available that shows the recommended format. The preview on this screen shows a live preview of the text as it’s typed. The message is shown to end users in their app.

Holidays and closures

  • Settings
  • Holidays and closures

Custom closures that override regular support hours can be created to set user expectations for reply times during holidays, inclement weather, etc. The closure message overrides the default reply time message.

Email notifications

  • Settings
  • Email notifications

Your institution can determine who gets notified when end users create or reply to conversations by selecting groups or entering specific email addresses.

Saved replies

  • Settings
  • Saved replies

Saved replies (i.e., canned responses) make replying to commonly asked questions easier. The 10 most recent replies appear in the Saved replies list. Support representatives can select Add a reply to complete reply text. In a conversation, your institution can select Insert a saved reply to choose from a list of saved replies to populate in the reply input. Saved replies can be edited in the input field before sending them to end users.

Rule management

  • Settings
  • Rule management

Rule management allows you to automatically route new cases to the people or groups that need to see them first. For more information, see the documentation on case routing.


  • Settings
  • Tags

Tags can be used to easily categorize, sort, and prioritize cases. For more information, see the documentation on case tagging

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