We make sure your users can handle as much as possible on their own, but self-service only goes so far. Banno Support provides personal, human, digital interactions to recreate the relationships a user would find at a branch counter. These relationships aren’t just important—they’re a vital strength for your institution. You know people, and we know how to connect you with them. It’s a perfect match.

How it works

Banno Support utilizes Conversations for asynchronous communication and case management with end users. Whether you’re the first point of contact or you’re jumping into a particularly involved case, Support has the tools needed to track, communicate, and resolve the needs of your users quickly, securely, and personably. It’s digital meets human, and it’s available for any Banno App users with Conversations configured.

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How do Conversations look to the end user?
For more information on how end users interact with Conversations, including allowable attachment types, see the customer documentation for Conversations.
Can we control which support agents appear in the SLA?
This is controlled by agent activity and not configurable. The (up to) three agents who most recently sent a message or other element in a conversation appear in the SLA your end users see.