Debit & credit cards

There are all kinds of ways to pay for goods and services, but none of them have replaced that little plastic rectangle. That doesn’t mean cards haven’t gotten more complex. Whether your card gets lost, you head on vacation, or you’re just looking to replace a worn down card, Banno apps give your users the tools to manage everything about their cards in one place.

How does it work?

Banno apps offer a host of features allowing users granular control over their cards. Using the Banno People, you can view and process a host of requests for all of your users.

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Can an end user reactivate a debit card that was put on hold by their financial institution?
Institutions with MyCardRules advanced card controls take care of the logic under the hood and prevent the end user from reactivating cards on hold. For institutions without advanced card controls, this depends on how your institution puts cards on hold. If the card is set to warm, the end user is able to reactivate the card, while cards set to hot require the institution to reactivate.
Is there a way to filter cards labeled as “Stolen” or prevent them from displaying in Banno Apps?
SilverLake and CIF 20/20 are the only cores that remove cards labeled as “Stolen.” After 30 days, the card automatically filters and no longer displays.