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Within Users & Groups, the Users screen is your home base for your individual team members. From here, you can view all of your users, filter by group, and search by name. Clicking any name will bring you to the settings screen for that user.

Inviting new users

The Invite people button allows you to add new team members. All you need to do is enter their email address and invite them to at least one existing group, and they’ll receive an email inviting them to set up an account. The Send invite button will only be selectable once you have both an email address entered and at least one group selected.

You can also invite multiple people at a time by entering multiple email addresses separated by commas.

User settings

The settings page for each user allows you to view their permissions, change the groups they are a part of, view their recent notifications, and access security settings.


The Permissions tab allows you to view the status of each permission for the selected user. Permissions are determined by the groups a user is a part of, which is listed at the top of the page and can be changed by clicking the Edit groups link. For a full list of all permissions and their effects, see the Settings permissions doc.


The Notifications tab allows you to view all notifications sent to the selected user. Clicking a notification will open the text of the delivered notification in a new window. If you are unable to view a notification, check the status of any enabled pop-up blockers in your browser, as they can interfere with the new window.


The Security tab can be used to change a user’s password or reset their two factor authentication enrollment.