Self-service settings

When people use your online banking and apps, they want to be able to change their profile information quickly and on their own. Luckily, Banno offers various self-service settings to help them be more independent and decrease the number of steps needed to change their information.

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Profile photo

  • Settings
  • Profile

To make banking personal and humanize a digital experience, end users can add a profile photo. They can take a photo or add a photo from the camera roll/files, as well as crop the image. This profile photo appears in Banno People, Banno Support, Banno Online, and Banno Mobile.

Change address

  • Settings
  • Profile

End users can request a change of address, which sends form data to a new unread conversation in Banno Support. Your institution manually updates addresses in your system, but the end user has an easy, self-service way to initiate this request.

Your institution must have Conversations enabled to support this feature.

Change username

  • Settings
  • Security

Your end users have the power to update their usernames. Because changing a username is considered high risk, end users must enter their password when making this change. Once the username is changed, an email is sent to the email address on file and an activity event is recorded in Banno People.

This feature isn’t available for Cash Management users.

Change email & phone (updates core)

  • Settings
  • Profile

This feature allows your end users to make real-time updates to contact information. Both the email address and phone number changes update the core. If you have EPS, Banno syncs the email with EPS.

This feature isn’t available for Cash Management users. Changes don’t affect the email or phone number used for two-factor authentication.

Forgot username and password

Recovering a username and password is made easy by selecting Forgot? on the sign-in screen. End users must provide their Social Security Number and account number to recover their username or password. They might also be asked to provide a phone number.

This feature isn’t available for Cash Management users. Accounts that are frozen/locked can’t be recovered for security reasons. End users must reach out to your institution to be unlocked in Banno People.