PowerOn® is a programming language that enables functionality on the Episys core, used by credit unions, from an end user. PowerOn files (PowerOns) are installed on the core and can be called via our SymXchange integration. Most PowerOns are a combination of business logic and front-end HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Online banking providers, such as NetTeller, developed standard ways of handling PowerOns to perform certain actions, like the handful in this list:

  • Request to skip a loan payment on eligible loans.
  • Request a check be mailed to you.
  • Change e-statement preferences, like the email for notifications.
  • Calculate a loan payoff for a date in the future.
Our development of PowerOns is unique, because we utilize a LinkType to open the PowerOn and then present a non-native online web view to display the PowerOn itself.

Available PowerOns

Currently, our credit union customers can leverage the following PowerOns to further empower their members:

Document Last Updated


CD Renew November 2023
Change of Address August 2023
Loan Payment Skip October 2023
Loan Payoff July 2023
Member to Member Transfers November 2023
Open Sub Account August 2023
Overdraft Tolerance July 2023
Withdraw By Check July 2023

Installing & Upgrading PowerOns

To install or upgrade any of the PowerOns listed above, please submit a Support case on the For Clients portal.


How do I make configuration changes for a previously installed Digital Banking PowerOn?
To edit configuration settings for any installed PowerOn (excluding the Open Sub Account* PowerOn), open Symitar Quest and click the Navigate menu. Then select, Information Systems, then Letter File Control, then Open Letter File, and then search for the specific Configuration Letter File name of the PowerOn you need to re-configure.

The PowerOn Overview — accessed by clicking the name of the PowerOn document listed in the Available PowerOns section above — includes the name of the Configuration Letter File or Configuration PowerOn.

*To make configuration changes to the Open Sub Account PowerOn, open Symitar Quest and navigate to any account — via either the Teller Transactions path or the Account Manager path — and enter BANNO.NEWSUBCREATE.V1.CONFIG in the Specfile dropdown box.

Can I safely re-configure our PowerOns myself?
For configurable settings, we recommend reviewing either a) the PowerOn Configuration Worksheet that your Credit Union leadership completed during initial installation or b) the available parameters within the Configuration Letter File or Configuration PowerOn.

Remember to follow formatting instructions when making changes to the Configuration Letter File or Configuration PowerOn. And, of course, always save your revisions!

How do I know if my changes took effect?
Any time changes are made to a Configuration Letter File or Configuration PowerOn, we recommend testing within Banno to ensure you that your configuration changes were successfully applied.
How do I know if I am on the most current version of a PowerOn?
To check your version of a PowerOn, open Symitar Quest and click the Navigate menu. Then select, Information Systems, then PowerOn Control, then Open PowerOn, and then search the name of the PowerOn you want to check. After selecting the PowerOn, review the Modification History details, which include the PowerOn’s previous version numbers as well as info regarding enhancements and fixes for each version.

Also, make sure that you have subscribed to the Banno Monthly Statements, which regularly provide details about enhancements or new versions of our PowerOns as new releases become available for installation.