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Banno Conversations help leverage the personal connection your FI cultivates in branches and applies it to users who would rather interact on their device than face-to-face. A conversation is a fully authenticated message chain between the end-user and your support team with full access to their accounts, payments, transactions, and more. Any information you need to help you with your users is readily available.

Starting a conversation

For your convenience, a conversation can be initiated from several locations.


Click Message on the Dashboard to initiate a conversation.

Messages card

Start a conversation on the Messages card by clicking . Alternatively, click , followed by Start conversation.

Messages screen


Click to start a new conversation. Click to submit your message and initiate the conversation.


Click Start a conversation to start a new conversation. Click Send to submit your message and initiate the conversation.

Support card

Start a conversation on the Support card by clicking Message.

Support screen

Start a conversation on the Support screen by clicking Start a conversation.


For an individual account, clicking Ask us about this account presents you with options for account inquiries. Click Start a new conversation to start a new conversation with account information pre-loaded. Add to a conversation prompts you to select an existing conversation to send account information to.


For an individual transaction, clicking Ask us about this transaction presents you with options for transaction inquiries. Click Start a new conversation to start a new conversation with transaction information pre-loaded. Add to a conversation prompts you to select an existing conversation to send transaction information to.


For an individual payment, clicking Ask us about this payment presents you with options for payment inquiries. Click Start a new conversation to start a new conversation with payment information pre-loaded. Add to a conversation prompts you to select an existing conversation to send payment information to.

Adding attachments

Clicking allows you to attach files, accounts, transactions, and payments to your message. Selecting files opens the file browser, allowing you to upload files from your device. Selecting accounts, transactions, or payments prompts you to select one or multiple from the chosen category.


Once you receive a response in your conversation, you will be notified via push notification and email. A notification icon appears on the Messages tab, signifying the number of unread messages.

Forms in Conversations

A form is distinguished in Conversations by containing the Form heading in the message. Each form displays a status of “Not started” or “Submitted”. Until the form is submitted, it remains in the “Not started” status.

Viewing a form

Open a form by clicking Open form. From here, the end user can complete the form or click Close to cancel and return to the conversation.

Submitting a form

Once completed, submit a form by clicking Submit for review. From here, the end user receives a confirmation that the form has been submitted and can return to the conversation by clicking Return to conversation. Upon returning to the conversation, the form now has a status of “Submitted”.

Conversation retention

Conversations are retained indefinitely.

Conversations for Business

Conversations for Business is designed to ensure your business users have a private and secure channel for conducting their sensitive business matters, whether that be plans, wire approvals, exchanging documents, or simply sharing photos of their family vacation. Business users have these conversations in confidence, and even their financial institution can’t view them. If Business users need support from your institution, they can simply start a new conversation with the same participants.

Getting started

Conversations for Business is enabled automatically for users who:

  • Are part of an organization with two or more organization users with Conversations enabled
  • Have Conversations enabled

How does it change the account holder experience?

Users who fit the above criteria will experience a new step during the “Start a conversation” process. Upon beginning, they will be prompted to select the recipients of their message. They can choose among the financial institution and any other user at their organization with Conversations enabled. They may select one or more recipients, and then craft their message and send as usual. Once a conversation is started, the format will be familiar.

What does it look like in Banno Support?

Support agents viewing Conversations with more than one business user will notice a few small tweaks to the case list, case management sidebar, and conversation detail view. The case list will contain a badge indicating the user(s) belong to a business. The case management sidebar will have a dropdown to view details for each account holder participating, and the conversation detail view will show the business name at the top and will display each user next to their sent messages as expected.


Jack Henry™ will always have access to the Conversations you need. If you’re subpoenaed for a specific conversation or set of conversations among business users to which you don’t have access, start a support case. Please provide us with the following information:

  • End users involved
  • Time frame
  • Copy of the subpoena
  • Banno Online URL of the conversation(s) if possible
  • Other relevant details we should know


Notification emails

Are end users alerted they have a reply from the institution?
If the end user hasn’t viewed the message from the institution within 10 minutes, they’re sent an email alerting them they have a new message from the FI.
Enterprise users receive emails when a conversation is created, but they don’t receive emails for messages after that. Why?
Emails for unread messages in a particular conversation send only to users who have joined that conversation. Enterprise users who are members of the Conversations notifications group receive emails when the conversation is initiated, but unless they join that conversation, they won’t receive emails for additional messages.
How long does it take for notification emails for unread messages to send?
  • Conversation initiation emails send to members of the notification group immediately.
  • Unread message emails send after 10 minutes. Note: If a particular conversation opens in another browser tab, messages for that conversation are considered read, even if the browser isn’t focused on that tab.
I’ve been assigned to a conversation, but why am I not receiving emails for missed messages?
Unread/missed message notifications are sent to watchers of a conversation. Participants (those who have sent a message in a conversation, but not necessarily assignees) are automatically made watchers until they explicitly unwatch. Assignees who have neither participated nor explicitly watched a conversation will not receive “unread message” notifications. Things are working as expected if you’ve been assigned (or have self-assigned) a conversation, and you are not receiving “unread message” notifications.

Please open an issue if in addition to being assigned, you have watched (explicitly, or implicitly via participation) a conversation, and you are not receiving “unread message” notifications.

Why am I’m not receiving assignment emails?
Notifications are not sent upon self-assignment of conversations. Things are working as expected if you assigned yourself to a case, and you did not receive a notification.

Please open an issue if you were assigned to a case by another agent, but you did not receive a notification.

I reassigned my case to another agent. Why am I still receiving notifications?
If you’ve participated in the conversation, you’re likely still a member of that conversation, and you’ll receive notifications for unread messages. If you see [Your Name] joined this conversation in the conversation with no corresponding [Your Name] left (or similar), you’re still a member. Things are working as expected if you’re still a member of the conversation, and you’re receiving notifications after reassigning the case. To stop receiving notifications, you can stop watching the conversation by checking the conversation’s Watchers list and removing yourself.

Please open an issue if you haven’t watched the case (or if you’ve watched it but subsequently unwatched it), and you’re still receiving notifications after reassigning the case.

Virus scanning and attachments

Are file attachments scanned for viruses?
Yes, file attachments are scanned for viruses and rejected if any abnormalities are discovered by the scan.
Is there a list of allowed attachment file types?
Currently, we allow uploads for files with the following extensions:
  • .avi
  • .csv
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .gif
  • .html
  • .jpeg
  • .jpg
  • .m4a
  • .mp3
  • .mp4
  • .mpg
  • .pdf
  • .png
  • .ppt
  • .pptx
  • .rtf
  • .text
  • .tif
  • .tiff
  • .txt
  • .wma
  • .wmv
  • .xls
  • .xlsx
  • .zip
Is there a file size restriction?
Yes, attached files must be 20 MB or smaller.
An enterprise user accidentally attached the wrong statements to a conversation. Is there any way to delete them?
Yes, most attachments, messages, and internal notes can be removed from a conversation. Simply hover over the item to see available options. Depending on the type of item, you have the option to remove or edit.

Banno Reports

Is there a way to download or export conversations between end users and support?
As of today, conversation text can’t be downloaded or exported.
Within the Dashboard in Banno Reports, Support analytics appear or are inaccurate for Conversations. What’s affecting the data?
If Support analytics appear or are inaccurate, we suggest checking if any cards in Holidays and closures were deleted within the Settings of Banno Support. If one or multiple cards were deleted, Support analytics involving agent response times and durations will be skewed and negatively impacted if any Conversations occurred during the closure.

At the conclusion of a holiday or closure, we recommend always keeping the card saved within Banno Support. Banno Support and Banno Reports use the card to exclude the closure hours from regular support hours.


How are the agents listed in the conversation’s message page determined?
The three most recent active Support users at the institution display on the message page.
Do conversations expire on a regular basis?
No, they don’t expire at this time.
Do conversations work if the financial institution has enabled Offline mode?
Yes, support agents and end users can still use conversations to send and receive communications.
Do institutions have a way knowing if a comment was read by an end user within a conversation?
Yes, the word Seen—a read marker/receipt—appears next to the message after the end user sees it.
Are Conversations secure?
Yes, support messages sent between financial institution personnel and customers are secure. As with all Banno services, communication in Banno Conversations is encrypted and authenticated using a TLS 1.3 server, which also supports TLS 1.2.

Security Tip: Before sending private or sensitive communication over any Internet-based application, double check that the web address starts with the secure protocol. If the address begins with https, you can rest assured the site is encrypted and authenticated. If the address begins with http rather than https, the site is not encrypted, and therefore not secure.

How can an inactive/deleted agent be removed from the conversation’s message page?
Once three other agents sign-in to Banno Support and send a message to a conversation, the inactive/deleted agent will no longer appear.