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Session timeouts

For security reasons, users are automatically logged out from from their accounts after a set amount of time. Users will need to re-enter their credentials to keep using their app after these timeout periods.

Banno Online

Banno Online users are logged out after 20 minutes of inactivity. Active users will be forced to log out after 24 hours.

Banno Mobile

Banno Mobile users will not be logged out automatically provided they actively use the app. Mobile users will only be logged out if they do not use the mobile app for 90 days.

Timeouts during login

Users attempting to log in may also time out. For example, if a user has entered their username and password, but have not entered their two-factor authentication code, they will have to re-enter their username and password after a set period.

Active users logging in have 10 minutes to complete the login process. Inactive users will be logged out after five minutes during the log in process.

Users performing a high risk action will have 5 minutes to complete the log in process, regardless of activity.