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Business activity feed

What does it display in Banno Online?

The business activity feed displays a list of actions completed by the business, business users, and actions completed on behalf of the business or other business users that can include:

  • Money movement
  • Modifying entitlements and permissions
  • Updating business and business user profile setting
If an activity event displays incorrectly or is missing information, open a support ticket so that the issue can be corrected.

Business users with an admin or viewer role can review the Activity feed in real-time in their Business management settings. As new activity events occur, a new activity banner displays the number of new events at the top of the feed. Clicking the banner immediately updates the activity feed to display the new events.

At the top of the activity feed, a business user can filter events by time frame, a business user’s name, and the type of event. They can also download activity history in to a .csv file.

To remove visibility so that the Activity feed does not display to a business user, the User management entitlement must be disabled for the business user.

Activity events for high risk authorization that are requested, failed, or passed by the business user do not yet display in Banno Online.

Where can I view the activity feed?

Banno Online

  • User profile menu
  • Business management
  • Activity

Only a business admin can view the activity feed in the Business management settings.

Banno Admin

Institution level

  • Banno Activity

Business-related changes and updates create activity events in Banno Activity.

Business level
Displaying the business activity feed in the business profile is not yet available in * Banno People, and we’re working to add it.

Business user level

  • Banno People
  • Users
  • Click business user
  • Activity

Changes made by an admin user or business admin on behalf of a business user, as well the business user’s activity, create history events in the business user’s profile (updating a permission, modifying a business user profile, etc.). Because the business user activity is more granular in the events that it captures, more events could display in the business user profile than in the business activity feed in Banno Online.

History events for high risk authorization that are requested, failed, or passed by the business user display in Banno People but not Banno Online.


If a business user is deleted, are their activity events deleted from the business activity feed?
No, activity events for a deleted business user still display in the activity feed.