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External application

In order to display web content directly in the dashboard and create features specific to your institution, an external application will first need to be configured and then integrated with a plugin card. This will allow your institution to configure additional integrations with third-party services and other Jack Henry products, generate API keys to access the Banno API, and enable plugin item connections.

Configure an external application

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Create sets up a new external application, or you can select a previously created external application to edit. The following fields for an external application will need to be completed:

This customizable text field is used for internal reference within Banno People and the configured plugin card.
Client type
Select Confidential (uses client secret) if you are making the Banno API call from the server side. For plugin cards, we recommend making Banno API calls server side to avoid cross-domain issues.

Select Public (uses Proof Key Code Exchange - PKCE) if the API call will be made from the client side.

Client secret
For plugin cards, uncheck User consent required so the user maintains a seamless sign on experience with third-party content.

For API integrations, you want to have this box checked so the user is directed to the Sign in with Banno screen.

Redirect URIs
This customizable URI text field links to the responsive web page that loads within the plugin card and displays to the user. Although multiple URIs can be added, the plugin card framework only utilizes the first URI listed.
This saves the external application field information.
This button permanently deletes the external application.

After you Save the information, you will need to go back into the external application one more time and complete the following fields. This will need to be done so that you can utilize the external application.

Link type
The link type determines where the external application will show in the client apps. For plugin cards, select PluginCard.
Link title
This customizable text field will be used for internal reference within Banno People and the configured plugin card.
Confirm this field is enabled. We recommend always leaving the external application enabled.

Finally, you will need to Save the newest information.

When you are creating a plugin card and configuring its settings, you will see the external application listed as a dropdown option within the External application field.

For more information on configuring an external application, please contact the Banno Developer Relations Team.

Edit or delete an external application

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Your FI can edit or delete an external application by selecting the specific one. Delete will permanently delete the external application and need to be reconfigured if you need it again.