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Dashboard configuration

Banno’s customizable default dashboard offers your institution freedom to choose the content you want displayed and where to position it. Easily reorganize the default dashboard and set the impression for your first-time users logging into Banno Mobile or Online. Even better, developers can create third party displayable content inside the dashboard cards using plugin cards. Our plugin cards are similar to SSOs but have the advantage of displaying user specific information directly within the dashboard.

If you’re a current Banno institution, your default dashboard will display to two user groups:

  • Current users who have yet to reorganize their dashboard
  • New users

If you’re a new Banno institution, your default dashboard will display to all users until a user reorganizes their dashboard according to their preferences.

Enable, change or confirm permission

Because you control who can internally reorder the default dashboard, ensure the appropriate group has permission within Banno Settings. To allow permissions for reordering the default dashboard, one of the following two types of group permissions will need to be selected:

  • Manage everything – users, messages & settings
  • Manage dashboard


Your FI has complete control over the default dashboard’s card order within your users’ accounts.

  • Settings
  • Dashboard configuration

Two types of cards will display within the default dashboard:

Traditional cards
This type of card allows institution-specific content to display on the Banno dashboard.
Plugin cards
This type of card allows third party content to display on the Banno dashboard.

With a drag and drop interface, it’s easy to reorder, remove, and add cards.

Drag and drop specific cards into the desired order. You can reorder any card except for Accounts, which remains static at the top of the dashboard.
Removing a card from the default dashboard will move the card from the Configure default dashboard page to a list of unused cards stored on the Add an item page.
Adding a card to the default dashboard will move the card from the Add an item page to the configure default dashboard page.
Saves changes made to the card order on the default dashboard.
As soon as one of your users reorganizes their dashboard, their dashboard order overrides the default order set by your institution.

Configure card settings

Each card on the default dashboard contains built-in settings. These settings will vary card to card, and most of them are customizable according to your FI’s preferences.

Depending on the card, its settings will include one or more of the following:

Card size
The Card size toggles between expanding or collapsing the amount of information displayed to the end-user.
Available to everyone
The Available to everyone setting applies only to plugin cards and controls whether all or select users can view an individual plugin card. Traditional cards are enabled by default and cannot be disabled.
Plugin options
These options apply specifically to configuring a plugin card.
Delete plugin
This setting applies to permanently deleting a plugin card.


How does this feature affect current Banno institutions?
Previously, Banno configured the same static default dashboard for all Banno institutions. This original default dashboard continues displaying to the FI’s users that have yet to reorganize their dashboard. If a Banno FI leaves the default dashboard unchanged, the original default dashboard continues displaying to new users, as well users that haven’t reorganized their dashboard.
Can an FI reset a user’s dashboard order?
If a user reorganizes their dashboard, the FI cannot reset to the default.
Can an FI enforce a default dashboard?
No, all users have the ability to reorder their dashboard. The default dashboard order set by an FI appears only as long as a user hasn’t reordered it themselves.
Can an FI view how a user’s dashboard is arranged?
The FI is unable to view or know a user’s dashboard order.
Why might a user’s dashboard card appear in a different position from where the institution shows it?
Within the FI’s banking website or app, a user can reorder their dashboard at any time, and the user’s dashboard takes precedence over the FI’s default dashboard.
Why is the Accounts card static and FIs unable to reorder it?
It’s important to users that they quickly view account balances, so the card displays at the top of the dashboard. Also, because the Accounts card ties into quick card features, such as transferring funds and paying bills, users can quickly locate and complete conveniently displayed actions.