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Xperience password reset for Banno

Adopting Xperience password reset for Banno lets banks and credit unions send Banno end users a reset password email from Xperience, just as they can reset the user's password from within Banno People.

To understand how your financial institution can leverage external applications to enrich the Banno Platform user experience, you will need to study these resources before proceeding:

Creating the external application

Because the process below involves steps that require considerable technical aptitude, we recommend reviewing the Authentication - Client Credentials and/or Public Key + Private Key documentation that our Developer Relations team maintains on the JackHenry.Dev resource site, which exists to help developers utilize our Digital Toolkit—including the Plugin Framework, Authentication Framework, Admin API, and Consumer API.

Reminder: Please be aware that the Banno Platform support team is not able to assist customers with utilizing the Digital Toolkit. Instead, developers will need to submit questions on Stack Overflow (using the #banno-digital-toolkit tag) or reserve a spot during the next Toolkit Meetup.

To enable the Xperience Password Reset feature for a bank or credit union, you will first need to create a new external application in Banno Admin:

  1. In the lower-left corner of the main menu, click the ••• (Settings) icon and select Users & Groups.
  2. In the Developers section of the sub-navigation menu, click Create external app, and then use the following details to complete the app creation form:
    1. Name: Enter a unique, easily identifiable name for the app (e.g., Xperience Password Reset).
    2. Partner Name: This field, which is inactive for customers, should clearly indicate the product or company we've partnered with for the external application. In this case, the partner name will likely say Xperience, by Jack Henry.
    3. Application Type: Service account
    4. Client Type: Signed JWT
    5. Public Key: After generating a public key in PEM format (i.e., a plain text file), copy and paste the contents into the Public Key field.
    6. Associated user: Select the lone user who will be identified with the external application that you’re creating for Xperience Password Reset.
      Note: The Xperience Password Reset feature will not work unless the associated user you choose belongs to a Group with the Manage security settings checkbox selected in their group-level permissions.
    7. Click Save.
  3. In the Developers section of the sub-navigation menu, click External apps, and copy the Client ID, which you will need when configuring this connection in Xperience.
    Note: You'll also need the base URL for the Banno Admin API, https://banno.com*.

*It's important to distinguish the Admin API base URL (which does not vary) from our Consumer API base URL (which is unique for each financial institution), as described in more detail in the Consumer API - Base URL article on JackHenry.Dev.

Configuring Banno Online Banking Password Reset in Xperience

Now that you’ve created the external application in Banno, you will need to open Xperience and complete a second set of configuration steps—available in the “Banno Online Banking Password Reset” section of the General Ledger, Integrations, and Other Applications Enhancement Guide for SilverLake on ForClients.