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Documents service agreement

If your institution uses our native Electronic Statements - Interactive™ solution as your primary statement provider, you can view and update your terms and conditions directly within Banno People. When end users access Documents and they’ve yet to opt-in to receive electronic statements—or you updated the user agreement—the Documents service agreement displays for end users to Accept.

Updating the Documents service agreement in Banno People will not automatically update the agreement in ESI BackOffice. The agreement will need to be manually updated in both platforms.

How does it work?

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Documents service agreement
This screen title displays within Banno People and isn’t configurable.
Updated date
When a support user updates the Documents service agreement, the month, day, and year it was updated will display to the end user.
Service agreement
In this text box, you’ll state your institution’s terms and conditions using plain text.
This button saves changes made to the Documents service agreement. The message, Documents service agreement successfully saved, will display if it’s saved successfully. Each time you save, end users that have already enrolled will be prompted to re-accept an updated Documents service agreement when they access Documents.

Banno Activity

When a support user enables or makes changes to the Documents service agreement, Banno Activity will record the support user, event, and time. The activity will display similar to the following:

  • [User] updated the documents service agreement from [IP address]