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How does it work?

When an end user starts to make a payment with Zelle® in Banno Apps, the app verifies that they have agreed to the latest Zelle terms & conditions. The Zelle® setting within People gives you control to self-manage your disclaimers and update them at any time.

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Eligible account types

For banks, select which account types—Checking & saving or Checking–end users can move their money. For credit unions, the Eligible account types option doesn’t display, because only checking accounts are eligible.

End user license agreement

The end user license agreement (EULA) displays in Banno Apps when users first enroll in Zelle® and anytime you make an update. End users must accept the updated EULA before they can continue using Zelle®. When changes to the EULA are saved, the update date also displays to end users. Within the People setting, the customizable field can handle quite a bit of content, so don’t worry about a character limit. Also, make sure to use plain text so the characters display correctly.

Reg D

If your bank allows moving money from savings accounts, Reg D can impact how and when end users use Zelle®. You’ll want to ensure end users are aware by displaying a legal notice.

Because savings accounts at credit unions are ineligible to use with the Zelle integration, these institutions should hide the legal notice.
Hide legal notice
This checkbox controls whether or not the legal notice displays to end users.

Unchecking the box allows the legal notice to display in Banno Apps so end users see and accept the disclaimer. Unchecking also displays the Legal notice field in People for your institution to edit.

Checking the box hides the legal notice, so it won’t display in Banno Apps. Checking also hides the Legal notice field in People from displaying, so it can’t be edited by your institution.

Legal notice
This customizable text field has a 350 character limit. In Banno Apps, if a savings account is selected as the From account, the legal disclaimer displays when the end user taps the Review button in the amount entry screen. The end user can also opt to never have the disclaimer display again on that device.

Banno Activity

When a support user enables or makes changes, Banno Activity records the support user, event, time, and IP address. If changes were made simultaneously to the EULA and Reg D legal notice, separate records for each update display.