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Stop Payments

How does it work?

When an end user stops payment of a single check or range of checks in Banno Online, a customized Stop Payment disclaimer displays in the confirmation screen. The Stop payment setting in People gives you control to self-manage your disclaimer and update it at any time.

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Institutions typically use the following disclaimer as a template:

The payment(s) will be stopped for 6 months. After that time, the payment(s) can process normally. Stop payment orders created outside of regular business hours will not be applied until [the next business day, after 2 days, etc]. For help, or to cancel any stop payment orders before 6 months have passed, call us at [999-999-9999] from [9:00 p.m.] until [5:00 p.m], [Monday through Friday].

If your institution charges a fee, you’ll want to include that information in the disclaimer.