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Banno in Xperience

Installing Banno in Xperience

If you have Banno Apps as an installed product, you’ll have access to download the Banno package from the Jack Henry™ Download site. The Banno package installs just like any other.

Find the latest package where the file name starts with “Banno” and download it. Refer to the Xperience user guides for the steps necessary to install the package.

Once the package is installed, we need you to run Banno in Xperience once in order to generate logs needed for us to complete the configuration on our side.

User access

With access to Banno from Xperience fully configured, you’ll now see a new section in Banno Users & Groups titled “Authenticate” that contains two options.

  • Permit sign in via Banno - The default where users can sign in to Banno from Banno.com. Uncheck this option if you only want to allow sign in via Xperience.
  • Permit sign in via Xperience - For users, like branch employees, allow them single-sign on access into Banno from Xperience.

User credentials are not maintained in Xperience for Banno’s SSO into Banno Admin. For logins to be successful, the user must have a profile in Banno Admin and the profile must match by email from XP/Core profile.