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Direct Connect with Intuit and Quicken

When an end user wants to use an Intuit product, such as QuickBooks, Direct Connect provides an easy connection option while adding additional security by requiring a two-factor authentication to use. This change requires authorizing specific connections to their accounts, while blocking any unauthorized connections, which helps improve security for the end user and your financial institution.

Please note that Direct Connect functionality is only compatible with Banno Online in conjunction with desktop Intuit applications. Online applications used in the web browser, such as QuickBooks Online, are not compatible with Direct Connect.

How it works

End users configure connections themselves via their Direct Connect-compatible app and Banno Online.

If any end user is already utilizing an impacted application, they need to authorize their connections again once this feature goes live. The how-to guide linked above includes detailed instructions for end users to configure Direct Connect. We encourage institutions to use similar instructions to end users.

As of April 25, 2023, all contracted institutions received a security enhancement. This video provides steps to help end users authenticate now that the security feature is in place.

Customer communication

Before going live with this feature, we recommend you let your customers know in advance. We’ve included a sample message below that you can use as written or tailor to your needs. Feel free to copy our instructions if you would prefer not to include a hyperlink in your messaging!

Attention, all Intuit users! If you use an Intuit desktop product such as QuickBooks or Quicken connected to your account, we’re making a security update that will require user action. The new security feature allows you to authorize specific connections between your Intuit desktop app and your accounts while adding two-factor authentication to your account.

For added security, {Bank Name} will be enabling this feature soon. Once enabled your connections from the applications mentioned above will cease to connect. See the instructions for setting up Direct Connect for more information.


Why would an end user be unable to see their connected application in Banno?
There are three main reasons why applications might not appear in Banno Online:
  1. The end user has not completed the process to connect their account, as outlined in the how-to guide above.
  2. The end user is using a web browser version of their application. Web versions of Intuit applications are not supported by this feature.
  3. The institution is not yet configured for this feature. Institutions should submit a report ticket to complete their configuration.