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NetTeller Migration (Banks)

You’re looking for a change

Changing your digital suite provider is daunting. You’re overhauling the way your customers interact with you in the digital space, and that means there are a lot of fine details to hash out. Luckily, Jack Henry has your back. We’ve done this before. When you make the switch to Banno, we’ve got everything you need ready and waiting. And if you think you have any curve balls to throw us, you’ve got an eager, dedicated Implementation Coordinator to help you. Think of this person as your project concierge–their only goal is to help you.

You’ll be introduced to your dedicated guide as soon as onboarding begins. We’ll kick off your project with a phone call, introduce you to your Implementation Coordinator, review your project’s needs, and address any questions your team has.

As a technology company, we make sure we have tech backing up our processes as well. You’ll receive an invite to Basecamp, which will work as our running record for the entire onboarding process. Even when we communicate via phone or email, we’ll make sure the notes are imported to Basecamp–your whole project, documented and available in one place.

Your Basecamp also comes packed with a host of onboarding documents and guides designed to guide you through the process. No matter how specific the question or concern is, we’re ready and eager to help with it.

Excited yet? We sure are! But before you sign on the dotted line, let’s take a deeper look at our process. If we’re going to be a team, we want you to know exactly how we work.

The Implementation Process

Onboarding - Approximately two weeks

You’ll meet your implementation coordinator, who will guide you through your first steps. This includes everything from a kickoff call to gathering all the materials and account information we need to start creating your apps.

Design - Approximately two weeks*

We’ll take the assets you’ve provided and work to ensure your apps match the look and feel of your brand. Whether they’re online or in one of your branches, we want your customers to know that they are dealing directly with your institution.

*The duration of this process can vary significantly depending on the number of revisions requested.

Implementation - Approximately six weeks

Our team will hit the ground running and get your products ready to go. We’ll do everything from activating the features you need to customizing your content. We’ll deploy and test the apps to ensure they’re ready for your team.

Acceptance Testing - Approximately four weeks

You’ll get the chance to work with the app before it goes live to your customers. We’ll kick this off with a demo for your team and provide a checklist of the most important items to verify. From there, our teams are ready to respond to any feedback you have. Nothing goes live until you agree that it’s ready to go.


After around 16 weeks of preparation and testing, we can publish your suite. Our Support team will be ready to take care of you and your customers as they start using your new products. This is when we celebrate!


The process works, but we don’t expect you to take our word on it. We’ve done a lot of work to make sure we can handle any situation that comes our way.

What will happen to my customers’ existing transfers?
We are able to convert almost all existing scheduled internal transfers before launch. As we do not currently support transfers from loans and lines of credit, we are unable to convert these for your users. We are also unable to convert external transfers and users will need to manually set these back up in the new system. We are, however, able to convert your existing verified external accounts and limits.
Does my Intuit® license carry over to the Banno™ suite?
We utilize the same Intuit license as NetTeller®, ensuring Direct Connect and Web Connect will continue to work as they have. Our team will also submit a ticket with Intuit® to ensure Express Connect points to Banno Online™ instead of NetTeller®, if applicable.
How do we update our marketing website to point to Banno Online™?
Our team will provide the code necessary. In preparation for your launch, you will update the login from your marketing site and our team will complete the conversion efforts. The morning of your launch, you’ll push the updates to your marketing site live so that you can login with your new Banno Online™ login.
What happens to our existing alerts?
All NetTeller® retail alerts will be disabled and will need to be set up in the new system. Cash Management alerts will remain in place and will continue to be managed by the user via NetTeller®.
How will my Cash Management users convert?
Banno™ provides an SSO to NetTeller Online Banking™ for users who require small business functionality that is not currently included in Banno Online™. We work with our friends in the NetTeller® group to provide a simplified user interface that only provides access to the Cash Management-specific functions. This helps remove any confusion about where to perform retail functions.

We also recommend selecting two or three businesses willing to work with you during the Acceptance Testing phase alongside your traditional consumer/retail customers. These should be people you trust to provide open, honest feedback to your team. This can help drive how you’ll communicate to your business customers before you go live.

What will happen to users who have bookmarked our NetTeller® vanity URL?
We can work with the NetTeller® team to redirect your existing NetTeller® URL to the new Banno™ URL.
How can my non-digital users enroll?
Your customers can now self-enroll once their account has been created at your institution. Using the native app (Banno Mobile™) or the web app (Banno Online™), the user can self enroll, creating their username and password. Banno™ enrollment verifies phone numbers and email addresses against your core, so we recommend that your customer care team start requesting updated contact information whenever they call in or visit a branch to ensure data is up-to-date for enrollment.
How will support staff communicate with users?
You and your users are probably used to secure messaging, or maybe even live chat. With Banno™ we’ve brought the best of both worlds by letting users start a Conversation, which creates a case in Banno SupportSM. Team members with access to Banno SupportSM can be notified by browser push notifications and by email of new cases, and then can work the queue to help users. If you have a big team that can reply quickly—great! If not, you can use Banno™ to set expectations: show the user your expected response times, communicate business hours, or even display a unique message when they start a Conversation outside of business hours. The user can close their app or browser window and be notified via a native push notification and email when a reply is ready for them. It’s all encrypted, secure, and easy to use.
Will my users encounter browser accessibility issues?
Your Basecamp portal includes detailed information about browser support. To assist your customer care teams when your new product goes live, we include instructions for resolving common issues that non-standard configurations may cause.