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Partnership integrations

Banno always aims to provide the best, most reliable features as quickly as possible to every institution who wants them. Sometimes, the best path forward leads us to partner with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the industry to create specialized integrations that offer the best of Banno Apps alongside the best of our partners. But that leaves the question: who do you go to for implementation and support? Well, we make that simple, too. Check out your integration of choice below for all the details about implementing and supporting some of our biggest partnership integrations.


Autobooks offers valuable business functionality, including invoicing and online payment acceptance for free to all Banno clients.

Data aggregators

Because we can’t control when and where end users enter their banking credentials, we utilize our API platform to gain control over the process as well as increase the overall security and experience of connecting accounts. Our partnership with leading data aggregators enables end users to securely and reliably connect their accounts to popular fintech apps.

MyCreditManager (Array)

MyCreditManager provides a full credit report and tools to help end users better manage their credit. This is a contracted integration, and there is no work effort by the Jack Henry team to make MyCreditManager available to customers. There is an automated process wherein Array knows a customer has signed a contract and writes to us to make the funtionality available. Any questions should be directed to Array. If a customer reports an issue with MyCreditManager, report the issues to FIDeployments@array.com.