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Database-only permissions

While most permissions are configurable via the Banno Settings app, a handful of admin privileges require additional details and must be configured by working with an Implementation Coordinator or Technical Service Representative. These can be set at the Group level of Banno People, with the following permissions available.

RDC Admin

RDC enrollment in Banno is a manual process completed by each user. While the enrollment application process can be completed via Banno apps, each enrollment must be accepted or rejected by a Banno Enterprise user with RDC Admin permissions. This permission grants the following abilities:

  • Approve or reject RDC enrollments
  • Enable or disable RDC for end users
  • See full RDC account numbers
  • Add notes

EPS-RDA Customers

If EPS-RDA is your RDC provider, this permission will also allow entitled users to edit velocity limits at the user level and edit approved RDC accounts. Velocity limit templates can be managed via the EPS-RDA Smartpay portal.

View employee accounts

If you have enabled the Employee flag feature, your users will be unable to see other employees’ account information. The View employee accounts permission allows certain users to view employee account information. In addition to enabling this permission at the group level, your Implementation Coordinator or Technical Service Representative will need to enable this permission at the individual user level. A user can only view employee information if they are a part of a group with this permission and they have the individual permission enabled for their user.

Employee accounts are identified based on the type of financial institution:


Bank employees are identified via Insider Code Maintenance records. Any user with a matching code will be flagged as an employee.

Credit unions

Credit union employees are identified if they have an account type matching employee or employee-related account types. If Restricted Access Codes are provided during the onboarding process, these will be used as an additional identifier to flag employee accounts.

Card management

Banno users with the Card management permission can manage card statuses for end users.

Bill pay

Banno users with the Bill pay permission can enable or disable bill pay for end users.

Member-to-member transfers1

Credit union Banno users with the Member-to-member transfers permission can enable or disable member-to-member transfers for end users.

  1. Credit unions only. ↩︎