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User security

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Banno People offers robust security options of each user in your platform. From within a user’s view, selecting the Security tab will display all available security options and accompanying actions.

Account status

Account status is pulled from your core. Available statuses include:


  • Locked
  • Password is expired
  • Password needs reset
  • Dormant
  • Active

Credit Unions

  • Active
  • Frozen
  • Permanently frozen

Accounts in Dormant or Permanently frozen statuses cannot be unlocked.

Call-in verification

Call-in verification offers out-of-band identity confirmation. If available, this field will show when the user was last verified and who performed the verification. If the user has no phone number or email address available from the core, this option will be grayed out.

Clicking Send code prompts a choice between SMS and email, using the phone number and email address (if available) listed in your core. After selecting a delivery method, you will be prompted to enter the 6-digit code the end user received to verify their identity. If the user does not receive the code for any reason, you can resend the code via any available delivery method. Codes sent via the Send code prompt are valid for 10 minutes.

If the code entered is correct, a Verified prompt will appear. If the code is incorrect, a History event will be logged and you will be prompted to try again.

Password reset

Password reset shows the last time a user reset their password along with the delivery method the reset link was sent through. Clicking Send link allows you to send a user a link they can click to reset their password and create a new one. The reset link can be sent via SMS or email, using the phone number or email address on file with the core. If no phone number or email address is on file, the Password reset option will be grayed out.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication displays whether or not the user is enrolled in two-factor authentication. If the user is enrolled, the last four numbers of the enrolled phone number will be displayed along with the date that they enrolled. The option to reset their two-factor authentication enrollment is available via the Reset option. This will prompt a confirmation screen, and confirming will prompt the user to re-enroll in two-factor authentication the next time they log in.


Devices includes a full verified device list the user has used to log in to their account. This includes information such as the device type, device operating system, app version, and browser version. The Remove option allows you to remove devices one at a time, while the Remove all devices button allows you to remove all verified devices from their account.

When removed, the user will need to do a full sign-in process including 2FA, if enabled, to access their accounts on the device, even if they have chosen to remember that device in the past.


How do I resolve a permanently frozen account in the Episys core?
Frozen accounts must be unfrozen within the core itself, using the following steps:
  1. Select the main account record in the Account Manager page.
  2. Scroll to the Audio/HB Security section and change the Audio/HB Frozen Mode field from 2 Audio/HB is Permanently Frozen to Audio/HB is not Frozen.
  3. Select OK to save changes.

For more information including screenshots, see the Maintaining NetTeller Profiles section of the Episys Core Settings Training Guide.