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2FA configuration

Banno supports a variety of 2FA verification options that you can easily update. When 2FA is enabled, end users are required to be enrolled in at least one of the following methods:

  • Authy
  • Phone/text message
  • Authenticator App
  • FIDO security key
  • Passkeys
  • Symantec hardware/software tokens

How does it work?

  • Settings
  • 2-step verification

Managing 2FA settings are pretty easy. Simply toggle the switch to enable or disable an individual setting. When a setting’s disabled, it also won’t display to end users as a 2FA option in Banno Apps.

It’s important to note that not all enterprise users might not have access to change 2FA settings. Because we consider changing 2FA options a high-risk change, an enterprise user will need to be in a group with 2FA enabled.

Email verification

Whether an end user is new to 2FA or has removed their 2FA methods, enabling Email verification will require end users to validate a one-time password sent to their email on file in core or in their Banno profile. Once an end user enrolls in a 2FA method, this step is no longer required.


Can we enable 2FA over email?
If you want to enable 2FA over email, you will need to open a case with our support team and sign a waiver of liability.