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Reverting pages in Banno Content

Sometimes you make mistakes. You push an update live before it’s ready, or you let a typo slip through the cracks, or you just save content to the wrong page. It happens to everyone! Luckily, it’s easy to revert changes to your pages with Banno Content. See the full details below.

How to revert

Reverting a change is simple. From the Pages screen in Content, find the page you’d like to revert and select View History. From this view, any updates to content that you can revert to are marked with a Revert to this version of your page icon, which sends you to the page editor with the content from that version automatically filled in. From there, simply save and/or publish your page to revert to the older version.

How it works

Revert acts on the content of your page, rather than the page as a whole. This means you won’t lose new content areas that you’ve created after the version you’d like to revert to. Content areas will simply revert to the oldest version available between its current version and the version you’re reverting the page to.

This means that reversions look like any other edit to the content of your page. The version you reverted from is saved in the history of the page in case you need that content back later.

Shared content areas are also reverted. This means that the content area reverts for all other pages that use the shared content area. If this is not preferable, select Remove from group on the shared content area to separate it from other pages.


How far back in history can we revert a page?
The revert option appears only on the history for an individual page, which contains the last 20 modifications to the page. Pages cannot be automatically reverted to versions older than 20 revisions.