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Configuration and eligibility

Can we block external transfer requests when our financial institution is in Memo Mode?

Yes, there is an institution-level setting that lets admins manage this behavior. To enable the feature, admins can open the Settings > Transfers screen in People and select the Block memo mode transfers checkbox. When enabled, members attempting external transfers during memo mode will receive an error message, instructing them to wait until the credit union is outside of memo mode before re-submitting their request.

Do external transfers and external transfer accounts configured through NetTeller carry over to Banno Apps?

Banno Apps use different transfer methods than NetTeller, so existing transfer settings do not carry over to Banno Apps and will need to be configured again.

Why can’t I see external transfer settings for testers in Banno Admin?

Admin functionality is not accessible until the external transfers feature is enabled for all users at your institution. If you need changes before you go live, please contact your support representative.

Do Banno external transfers support International ACH Transactions (IATs)?

No, Banno supports only ACH transfers that use the WEB Standard Entry Class (SEC) code and transfer between domestic financial institutions. Transfers that originate to/from other countries are not supported.

Can cash management users use the external transfers feature?

No, external transfers is only available for retail end users.

Can our institution customize the micro-deposit process?

Yes! See the micro-deposit doc for more details

Can our institution allow only inbound external transfers?

No, the external transfers feature requires outbound external transfers at minimum. Financial institutions must originate ACH transactions to activate external transfers.

Can we customize the insufficient funds message for an end user?

No, we currently do not offer custom error messages for insufficient transfer funds.

Can an end user perform a principal-only external transfer to an internal loan?

This depends on your core. Currently, these types of transfers are available to institutions on Silverlake and Core Director.

Can an end user debit an in-house loan via external transfers?

Today this is not available functionality. End users can debit Checking and Saving accounts only.

Setting up external accounts

What types of accounts can be added as external accounts?

Checking and savings accounts may be added as external accounts.

Can an end user add the same external transfer account more than once?

An external transfer account cannot be re-added once it has been removed a number of times equal to the configured maximum failed micro-deposit attempts. If an end user attempts to add an account that has been added and not removed, the request will fail and be logged for audit.

Can we send a reminder to an end user who has not verified their micro-deposits?

For security purposes, we cannot send an end user a reminder to verify their account.

Which types of external transfer accounts allow for micro deposits to be pulled back?

When enabled, a pull back will occur for checking accounts only. Pull backs are not supported for savings accounts due to limits of Regulation D.

Is there a maximum number of accounts an end user can enroll for external transfers?

Yes, an end user can enroll a maximum of 100 external accounts.


When are transfer fees processed?

Transfer fees are taken from the appropriate account when the transfer is processed, at which time the available balance is also updated.

Do external transfers memo post on the core?

No, external transfer transactions only appear after processing has completed.

When are the ACH transactions for external transfers sent?

Banno utilizes your core settings for ACH processing to determine if transfers are sent immediately or in a batch.

Can external transfers be cancelled?

The end user can cancel any transfers that haven’t been processed yet from the app.

How often are external transfer limits enforced?

External transfer limits are enforced for the day they are created. That means an end user with a $1000 transfer limit can create a $1000 dollar transfer each day for multiple days in a row, even if all those transfers are scheduled to process on the same day.

NetTeller integration

Are transfer limits set in NetTeller reflected in Banno Apps?

The NetTeller transfer system is completely separate from Banno. If an end user has a $1000 limit for NetTeller and a $1000 limit for Banno, the user will be able to transfer up to $1000 using each service.

Episys-specific questions

Can we allow batch limits for external transfers?

No, Banno does not support batch limits.

How do end users know if micro-deposits have been rejected by the external institution?

Banno is not notified if a deposit to an external institution has been rejected. Your financial institution must notify the end user. Rejected deposits will usually appear with other ACH rejects the following day.