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Add or update admin password in Symitar Quest

The steps included in this doc help guide a credit union to add or update their admin password in Symitar Quest.

Before changing the admin password, you should already be working with Banno Support and have a case open. You need to be in contact with Support so the password can be sent over immediately after or while updating the password.
  1. Log in to Symitar Quest.
  2. In the toolbar, click Navigate > Management > Parameter Managers.
  3. In the Parameter Manager drop-down list, click SymXchange Parameters > Banno instance.
  4. Click SymXchange Client Number (the default is SymXchange Client Number 0) > Client Parameter.

  5. After clicking Client Parameter, the masked Administrative Password displays.
  6. Update the Administrative Password per Banno requirements and click OK.

  7. After updating the Administrative Password, go to Device Control.
  8. For Device, select SymXchange from the drop-down list.
  9. Select the Banno SymXchange instance and refresh the instance by clicking the refresh button for the updated Administrative Password to be recognized.