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Account ordering

A seamless experience

When end-users get their accounts set up just right, they want it to stay that way. Banno’s account ordering functionality allows a user-defined account order to be maintained across apps. Whether they’re on mobile or a desktop, they’ll get the same experience every time.

How it works

There are several ways to navigate to the Organize Accounts screen. The most direct access can be found via the reorder icon on the Accounts card.

An Organize Accounts button can be found at the bottom of the Accounts list. This button only appears if the user has more than one account

Changing the order of accounts

The Organize Accounts screen allows users to drag and drop the bar accounts via the drag icons next to each account as they see fit. The screen displays account details for account name, account number, account holder name, and balance to help differentiate accounts to the end-user. Hidden accounts do not appear within this list. Users can save their order via the Done or arrow button, returning the user to the originating view.

Account orders are saved to the Banno service layer to maintain order across devices. This means a user must be online to save the order of accounts. If the user does not have a connection, an alert prompt will allow the user to cancel their changes or retry.

Account ordering in Enterprise apps

A user’s Overview in Banno Enterprise will display the user’s account list according to the order set by the user. Hidden accounts will appear at the end of the list.

A user’s Accounts screen displays the full list of that user’s accounts, grouped by institution.

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